National Carers Week 2021 is taking place from October 10 – 16

Australia wouldn’t operate without the tireless work of our carers who assist those who need support such as the elderly, people living with disabilities like a complex mental health issue and the terminally ill. Carers play a central role in our health system and often do so with in very challenging circumstances.

Caring can involve a range of things such as assisting with a range of daily activities, like dressing, showering, arranging appointments, or managing medications.

Held each year, National Carers Week is an opportunity to recognise and celebrate the significant contribution of 2.65 million Australians who provide unpaid care and support to their loved ones.

There are several ways to get involved in the week with a range of in person and online events taking place.

Head to to find out more.

You can also make a noise on social media. Carers are encouraged to share their story as well those who have been cared for. Be sure to use the #Carers2021 and #MillionsOfReasonsToCare hashtags.

Here at Flourish Australia, we know just how important carers are to helping those with a lived experience on their recovery journey. 

Carers may be a family member, friend or have another close relationship to a person with lived experience, they can sometimes be referred to as ‘support person’ instead. 

We’re always available to provide support and guidance for carers who need help. From providing advice on navigating the NDIS, to helping carers take care of their own needs, we offer a wide range of support services.

Our approach to supporting carers is based on the six partnership standards set out in  A Practical Guide For Working With Carers Of People With A Mental Illness

Carers are also invited to be a part of our SANE forum, which a place people with a lived experience and those who care for them can share their stories and ask questions of others dealing with similar challenges. 

You can join the forum here.

For more information on how we assist carers, contact us on  1300 779 270 or make an enquiry now