Navigating a CovidSafe festive season

Across Australia many of us are readying ourselves for the festive season, supported by high vaccination rates. 

Across Australia about 90% of the population aged over 12 are fully vaccinated, and booster shots for those who had their second shot more than five months ago are now available.  

However, there are increasing case numbers of COVID-19, and while our vaccinations do afford us protection from serious illness continuing to take precautions is advisable.  

Public health measures across Australia vary between the states, including requirements for testing if people are crossing borders. Make sure you familiarise yourself with the local health advice and follow it. If you haven't already put your vaccine certificate onto your phone, or ask someone to help you to do so. This can make going to the shops, getting a coffee at the cafe, or seeing a movie a lot more hassle free. 

Regardless of regulations, people across the community can continue to practice COVID-safe behaviours, including wearing a mask indoors or in settings where you cannot physically distance, being selective about social gatherings and opting for them to be outdoors wherever possible.  

Do not go out and visit family, friends, go to social events, or attend work if you are unwell. Practice good hand hygiene by washing and sanitising your hands regularly. 

NSW Health has also urged people to consider using a Rapid Antigen Test before going out. Rapid tests are available at chemists and are useful for screening for COVID-19 but if you've been a close contact, have ongoing symptoms or return a positive result on a rapid test you must go and get tested by a medical professional. Symptoms include sore throat, headache, runny noses, fatigue, and fever.  

Amid the ongoing uncertainty, as we navigate new variants and our understanding of the virus develops, following reliable sources of information, like government websites or mainstream news sites is a useful way to stay up to date. Regular breaks from social media, enjoying a socially distanced catch up, or a call with friends can be a good distraction if the news becomes too much.  

Vaccination remains one of our best weapons against COVID-19.  
If you haven't had your vaccination yet please speak to your doctor. We’re also encouraging people to get their booster vaccinations as soon as they are eligible.

Flourish Australia is open, and we are operating in line with state restrictions and our own CovidSafe measures. Our team are vaccinated and are wearing masks when delivering supports. We’ll also continue with virtual supports too - so please get in touch with us to find out more.  

By doing all these things we hope that everyone gets the opportunity to safely connect and spend time with family and friends over the festive season, and that we can minimise the transmission of COVID-19 in the community.

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