New study to examine access to psychosocial supports in NDIS

A new study by the University of Sydney, with funding from the National Mental Health Commission, will investigate access to psychosocial disability support through the NDIS.  

The aim of the study is to establish a better understanding of what stops or makes it difficult for some people to apply for NDIS support for a psychosocial disability. 

While not everyone who has a lived experience of a mental health issue will necessarily have a psychosocial disability, for many people their disability can require lifelong support. 

A psychosocial disability can impact someone's day-to-day life in a range of ways, from finding a job to getting the housework done, which is why ensuring people can access appropriate support through the NDIS is important. As an NDIS provider, Flourish Australia supports people with a psychosocial disabilities on their recovery journey.  

As part of the new study, there will be an open online survey to learn from consumers, carers or family members and friends, service providers and advocacy organisations. Flourish Australia encourages people to participate, as their involvement will help improve services.  

The survey should take between 10 and 30 minutes, and is completely voluntary. It involves answering a few general questions and then rating what barriers to applying for the NDIS the participant has experienced. There is also the opportunity for survey participants to list barriers the study may not have included.  
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