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PhysiCard research results will inform Flourish Australia services

PhysiCards is an initiative of Flourish Australia’s Back on Track Health Program. They help users keep track of their physical health needs when they are dealing with mental health issues. 

Anecdotally, we know that the PhysiCards make a difference in the lives of people who use them. However, with the aim of getting more rigorous data, we have embarked on a two-year randomised control trial in partnership with researchers at the University of Newcastle. We expect the final results to be published very soon.

The randomised control trial (which keeps the identity of people anonymous) split participants into two groups, one with people supported by Flourish Australia who used the PhysiCards and another in which people supported by Flourish Australia did not use the PhysiCards. 

By comparing these two groups we can see and measure exactly how much of a difference the PhysiCards make.

Jade Ryall, Program Manager of Back on Track Health thanked the many people who have taken part in the trial, providing their time and their experience. 

Ultimately, the study’s results will add to the evidence base in support of Flourish’s interventions. 

Jade says Flourish Australia is keen to share the results of the research and explain how it will benefit the people who access our services.

Senior Research and Evaluation Coordinator Dr Emily Hielscher explains that the evidence base established by research like this trial helps Flourish to provide better services. So we need as many people as possible with lived experience co-designing and taking part in our research programs.

We will bring you the results of the PhysiCard trial when the final results come through. In the meantime, please consider whether you might one day be interested in supporting the cause of better research and evidence.

Emily facilitates a Research Advisory Committee made up of people who access our service. Please contact if you are interested in taking part. 

How PhysiCards work

In line with recovery principles, Flourish wanted to put individuals in control of their physical health. So we developed a set of 34 cards as prompts. For example, there is a card for “My Allergies”. On the back of the card are some questions users can ask themselves about allergies. 

Then, on the My Health Needs To Do List, users can record any issues they have with allergies—or simply tick the box. 

The idea is that users can go through all of the cards, pick out all the issues they have and take the To Do List to their doctor. That way, nothing will be missed from the consultation. If you access Flourish Australia services and are interested in PhysiCards,please talk to your support worker.

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