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Today is World Mental Health Day!

Every October 10, we mark world mental health day.  

First celebrated in 1992, the purpose of the day is to mobilise efforts in support of mental health around the world.  

World mental health day is an opportunity for us all to talk about our work and what needs to be done to improve mental health services for all.  

While today is an opportunity for us to all reflect on the wider challenges, it’s just as important that we take a moment to take stock of how we are doing.  

By taking just a few moments out of the day to focus on yourself, you’re taking a small but beneficial steps to support your own mental wellbeing.  

As part of World Mental Health Day, we’re also encouraging Australians to look after their physical health, understanding the connection between healthier lifestyles and improved mental health.  

Tips include eating well, being active, getting an early night, sticking to a routine and connecting with others. Importantly there is always help available to support you in your recovery journey. Flourish Australia is continuing to provide support.  

If you or a loved one is in need of support, the Flourish Australia team is here to help and will connect you to services which are stigma-free and recovery-focused. We can assist you in accessing support whether it be employment opportunities, peer support, help with housing or the NDIS to name a few. You can get in touch on 1300 779 270 

We also look forward to examining some of the big issues in mental health in our upcoming webinar with Ellen Fanning on Friday 21 October.  

When it comes to mental health, why is there always a focus on crisis but not on hope and recovery? 

To explore this, Flourish Australia has invited Ellen Fanning, Australian radio and television identity, to talk with us about ways we can make a difference in how complex mental health is portrayed in the community and by the media. 

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