Tune-In for a few laughs at Flourish Australia’s online Mental Health Month celebrations with comedian Mark McConville

 We could all use a laugh right now to lift our spirits.

On Friday 29 October at 12:30 pm, tune-in to Flourish Australia’s free webinar themed “Let’s Do Lunch and Laugh” with comedian Mark McConville. Passionate advocates for the value of lived experience, Flourish Australia invites Mark to share his story of overcoming depression through humour, while treating us to some clean comedy and giving us some tools for tapping into the many benefits of laughter, in our own lives. 

“This Mental Health Month, we are mindful of the toll that the pandemic and a second lockdown have taken on people, and particularly people with a lived experience of a mental health issue,” says Flourish Australia CEO Mark Orr. “Wellbeing is always our priority and with this event, we want to encourage self-care, while connecting everyone in a fun and uplifting way, to really celebrate Mental Health Month together.”

McConville is an accomplished Stand-Up comedian, MC and Keynote Speaker who has been making people all over the world laugh, for more than 22 years. He has struggled with depression and studied extensively to understand more about mental health. In 2018 he attained a Master’s Degree in suicidology from Griffith University and was subsequently appointed Adjunct Lecturer at The Australian Institute for Suicide Research and Prevention.

Mark created “The Laughter Clinic” as a way of using all that he’s learned about the health benefits of laughter, to help others on their recovery journey while educating the wider community about mental health and suicide prevention. The Laughter Clinic combines Mark’s comedy and public speaking skills, with his own lived experience and knowledge of mental health and suicidology, to convey useful insights to the wellbeing benefits of laughter and teach helpful tools for using laughter as self-care.

“I believe everyone deserves the right to live a happy and fulfilled life,” Mark says. “Learning to self –care using humour and laughter can help you to do that.”

When was the last time you laughed?

This presentation is as powerful as it is fun!  You’ll not only enjoy the immediate benefits of a healthy dose of fun and laughter, but can expect to take away easy to remember mental wellbeing strategies.

“In my own experience of battling depression for 15 years, I found that tapping into the physiological benefits of laughter made a profound difference to my state of mind,” Mark says. “Now my mission in life is to use my gift of making people laugh, for good, by teaching them tools for taking control of their own happiness.”

The focus of Mark’s presentation will be what people can do to self-care using laughter. He’ll touch on the difference between positive and negative humour and guide us to think about what makes us laugh with a ‘what makes me happy’ exercise, as well as a ‘future thinking’ task.

Join in the fun and discover the well-being benefits to be gained by making this practice of finding the fun, a regular part of your everyday experience.


Let’s Do Lunch and Laugh with Comedian Mark McConville

Hosted by Flourish Australia, in celebration of Mental Health Month 2021

Friday 29 October, 2021