We are deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth

No matter what your thoughts about The Monarchy and it’s role in Australia’s history or government, Queen Elizabeth II was part of the life of the Nation for over 70 years. Her face has been on our postage stamps, and our currency, and her name in oaths taken for public office. Her televised Christmas Day message was watched widely and reported annually for all those years. She visited Australia 16 times. 

We mark this day acknowledging that The Queen has has been a constant presence and quite force for building peaceful and productive relationships between Nations, especially those of the Commonwealth throughout her reign. The state of the World today emphasises the importance of that work.

As a person, The Queen was someone devoted to service and duty, carrying out the role required of her by tradition and the Law. She encouraged and supported thousands of charities in their good work as their Patron. She was also the head of a family who will now be in mourning for the loss of someone they loved dearly.

The death of such a prominent public figure can impact on people in different ways. There will undoubtedly be a great outpouring of grief by many people in Great Britain, but also many across the Commonwealth, including Australia. In response, we may need offer some people we know some additional supports for a while. 

We join in the offering our condolences to those who feel the loss associated with The Queen’s passing. 

Mark Orr AM

Chief Executive Officer