Why there's more to work than the paycheque

A good job can be a key milestone in many people's lives.  

The most obvious benefit of work is that it pays, but people at work earn more than just money in their pocket. A job can provide new skills, new connections, a new outlook on life, and ultimately provide a new way of living.  

Most jobs require people to develop new skills and have on the job training, which can lay the groundwork for future opportunities. Being part of a team at work can help people connect with new people and make new friends. Meanwhile, completing tasks day to day gives people a feeling of accomplishment, builds confidence, and helps people unlock their potential. Giving people regular structure in their days can fundamentally shift people's outlook on life and demonstrate not only what they're capable of but a sense of purpose and meaning they may not previously have.  

But for people with a psychosocial disability or lived experience of a mental health issue, securing rewarding work can often be challenging for a number of reasons. Whether it is confronting stigma and discrimination in the hiring process or workplace, concerns that employment may take time away from personal development, a lack of experience to enter into a job, or even that it may impact on a person's Centrelink payments - there are many reasons people might find it difficult to join the workforce. 

There is support available to help people join or re-enter the workforce. Flourish Australia offers disability employment services and employment opportunities for anyone with a lived experience of a mental health issue. We don't just talk the talk when it comes to valuing lived experience - we walk the walk, with over half our workforce made up of people who have experience of a mental health issue.  

Our employment opportunities are focused on personal development and training - so that people can find rewarding, paid roles that offer hands-on experience in a safe and supportive work environment. Our community businesses offer a range of opportunities - from packing and light assembly, document management to gardening, maintenance and domestic or commercial cleaning. For supported workers who want to advance their education, Flourish Australia offers onsite qualifications which include training in warehouse operation and horticulture. We can also support people to access courses at TAFE.  

Flourish Australia's Disability Employment Services are designed to support people to find a job and keep it. We have experienced employment consultants at nine sites across Sydney and the Hunter Region, who have the connections to support people to find a job they want in the open market.  

Finding rewarding work can play a key role in people's recovery journeys. To find out more about how Flourish Australia's employment support services, get in touch. 

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