A garden of your own

There was a time when most people who had any sort of land established a garden in which they grew useful food plants and fruit trees. Some people even kept chook sheds out the back- though that is another story.

These days, you can take a visit to Bunnings, Flower Power or any one of the many independent nurseries and find everything you need to create a garden, laid out for you; Seeds, plants, pots, fertiliser, tools, soils, you name it.

A trip to a nursery can actually be a great way to spend a day because there are so many interesting things there. Some Flower Power locations, for example, have a shopping centre and restaurant, as well as a number of smaller nurseries in the vicinity. Bunnings locations have a big garden area where you can buy lattices and trellises, tomato stakes and all manner of useful gear.

Gardening involves work and before you start making any purchases you need to ask yourself how much work you are prepared to do - or pay someone else to do. If you can get your Uncle Bob to do it for free, that’s fine but you will get more out of it if you are involved. 

Some of the many benefits of gardening include…

  • Seeing the fruits of your labours (kind of literally).
  • Developing a routine of caring for your plants.
  • Learning about how things grow and develop.
  • You can enjoy doing it with friends or even make new ones.

Many readers of Panorama will not have large tracts of land upon which to start pineapple farming or found a new botanical garden. This is fortunate because starting small, on a balcony or in a plant box, is the best way.

There is something in gardening for everyone. Some people like plants and seeds and flowers. Some are more interested in the pots and boxes and stakes and trellises while . others have an affinity with chook poo. . .  and they are welcome to it.

Explore a plant nursery near you, either in person or online. Have a look at what is there and see what takes your fancy. Ask staff about how much care and concern plants need. Some require lots of care attention. Others may grow in a nuclear waste dump. Just like people, plants are all different.

By Warren Heggarty from Panorama magazine


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