Your Hobby

Some people have yearned to do something for a long time but have never felt that the time has been right. Maybe the time will never be right; does it have to be? Hobbies are  such positive things to have that we need to prioritise them.

Sam, from Flourish Australia’s Marrickville service, makes model boats. His latest creation is called the Flourish Australia III. Making it "was a dream come true for me," says Sam who is a supported employee. "I was inspired to use the name of our company as a way of giving back after all of the support I have received. The yacht is an ocean-going craft of magnificent quality, worthy of carrying the Flourish Australia name. Like the first model I built, this one is radio controlled. The main difference is that it is propelled by wind and not a motor."

What can we say? Thank you so much, Sam, for your nautical tribute to our organisation!

Hobbies are not always smooth sailing. "I must admit," Sam confesses "at times I felt like giving up but I persevered to the very end and completed it."

"I can honestly say that constructing it was completely awesome and I wish to share it with you!" Panorama Magazine will be featuring Sam and his new yacht soon.

We can adapt our hobbies to our real-life circumstances. For example, maybe we have always wanted to have a model train set but don’t think we have the room. There was an article in a model train magazine (your news agent is often a great place to find inspiration for a hobby) about a fellow in France who experienced that same issue. His solution was to  develop a super-miniature train set and scenery that fits in a shoe box! He now has a whole stack of shoe box train sets and exhibits them at shows!

There are many craft stores, especially in big cities, that you can wander through until you see something that takes your fancy, such as crochet, tapestry or model making.

If you struggle to decide on a hobby that suits you, you can find a number of websites which offer quizzes to identify what sort of hobby you might show an aptitude for. When "road-testing" these quizzes for this article, I got results ranging from gardening to beading and ceramics, none of which really excite me. My actual hobby is violin. Nevertheless, a quiz is one way of exploring what’s out there if you are looking for a new hobby.

By Warren Heggarty of Panorama Magazine